How this idea started: Our Roof

5 years ago, my wife and I opted to take on the tremendous responsibility associated with ownership of a historic home. We felt that it was extremely important to preserve homes that exhibit unusual architecture for future generations to enjoy.

Our house is over 100 years old and was the first property developed in the subdivision, back in 1905. Like many historic homes, it is quite beautiful, but upkeep is becoming increasingly difficult during this recession.

The Roof needs immediate repair and sadly, we do not have the funds to do so. We have recently discovered that the current roof was installed with no underlayment, so every time that it rains or snows, the water comes into our home and causes damage. Even worse was the realization that the leaks were causing serious damage to the structure for years before a single drop of water ever made it into our living space!

We are seeking assistance with collecting $6000 to make the necessary repairs. When we first bought the house, we were both healthy and worked full-time. Now, I am classified as disabled and unable to work to contribute funds to this cause. When we bought the house, we were naïve enough to believe that we would always be healthy enough to earn the income that a home of this type requires.

Our roofing contractor assures us that there is yet time to repair the roof and reverse the water damage, but the longer that we wait… the more damage is done and the repair becomes more expensive. If forced to delay the repair, the roof will eventually collapse.

Our home has always been the recipient of regular repair and maintenance and people often tell us that our care really shows. This roofing issue is not one that could have been anticipated, nor is it covered by our insurance. The shoddy roof installment occurred before we purchased the home.

Should we collect an amount that exceeds our need, the excess will be donated to given to the Wisconsin Humane Society, a pet shelter that is located in our hometown of Racine Wisconsin.

Any amount that you are able to assist us with will be appreciated.
Should we fall short, we are prayerful that the contractor will be able to do something to lessen the damage and keep our house from crumbling around our ears.

We trust in God and in your generosity, to find a way to help us to repair our home.

Most sincerely,

Wayne Clingman