I talked of this area of West 6th street in the terms of a last stand in how my neighbors try to brighten up areas where the block has seen better days or even the area around their home looks like 1945 Berlin.

Give em credit they are trying and acts like there’s can and do help.

When I think of last stand of my wife and I are undertaking, that’s more on what do we need to do in order to survive trying times and what I see as worse times to come.

At one time WTSHTF we where going to bug out to Northern Wisconsin. That is no longer the case, so as we restore/rebuild, we will look at what we can do to maintain and persevere.  IMHO I think we can maintain  and do well at a 18th Century tech level as in heat the home, the ability for transportation, grow/process food and have skills to barter  for things we need.

So The Chateau will be restored with that in mind. Maybe even be an island in a sea of chaos.

Why the hell not?