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You know the background here of trying to fix the Roof of this House, and our use of Crowd Funding/Social Media to do that.

Well we fell short of the cash needed . Worse our Roofer showed us all the other issues we needed to deal with from the old stable to the 100+ year old Trees that needed trimming. All kinds of things.

Walking and thinking, I saw the area of West 6th St needed help too. This Neighborhood needed rebuilding, here are there I see efforts like last stands of Racine folks trying to save homes, efforts of others to establish Colonies of Homes in blighted blocks efforts that should be showed to  a City that does not know of the efforts.

A way to  show the efforts of rebuilding and restoring. Its not easy and God knows I do not have much of a clue but I have the best education that the Western world can provide and understand how the world of the Internet works.

So I can learn how to do some of the work needed,and God willing entertain the readers as I and my wife restore Chateau Clingman  as we prepare for our own last stand in the Badlands called Racine WI.