Saturday a day like any other.

Here at 9:00 AM it was raining a lot.

Wife and I thought we heard the crying of a Cat caught in the downpour.

Sorry it was worse, with no happy ending.

The Wife saw the Neighbor’s dog a Chihuahua that was put outside its back legs knuckled over only being able to move by dragging it self around.

No way the Dog was going to be able to go up the steps to where it “lived”

The Dog was getting no vet care, on Friday the man who owns the Dog told me he could not find a Vet, when I asked him about the Dog’s poor health.

Moving on, the Police came, so did Animal Control. Not only did they take the Dog BUT found and seized Baby Robins that this family had caught.

The Police Officer  told my wife and I that the Dog was being fed Egg whites/Milk.

The Dog was latter given up to The Humane Society, to be treated or put down. We guess put down due to the injury.

We understand a fine for cruelty was issued.

In this area we have many Dogs/Cats who are not taken care of no shots not vet care not fixed.

At one time we could see Dog Fighting going on in Clayton Park that is next to our home bordering our south property line.

Due to the efforts of the RPD and 6th st COP House that has been reduced greatly.

We keep a few cheep leashes in the house for the kids, who may have a Dog but do not have a leash.

Perhaps we can get the Humane  group to do a basic pet care class at the COP House. It’s worth a try