We are somewhat. Should some incidents such as hvy snowstorm, Bad T Storms and the like happen we can fort up here for a few days.

Case in point after the Blizzard in 2010 that dropped 17+” of Snow on Racine, we had Food for all here including the pets so we did not have to think about leaving the House for a few days.

We even have a bit of wood to heat the first floor so the water pipes not freeze, it be a bit cold for us but we be O.K.

For after 9/11 we knew a long list of events could happen that the aftermath we be left to take care of us for a few days.

Not talking the end of the World but even the Storm in 2010 left many in Racine not being able to leave there driveway for three days so we feel that its best to be be prepared if only for to be able to have food/water for 72-96 hours + I feel basic First Aid equipment (and Training).

There are many sites on line to find ideas that will fit your needs. The cost is less then you think