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When we moved to Jones st in 1999, it was filled with Drug Houses. We had at least 3 and as many as 5.

You could see the deals go down every day some times all day and night. No matter how many times we call the RPD or turn over lists of plates nothing NOTHING would happen, we complain to the Land Lords  and nothing( Why would they? They got the Rent often Chap 8 housing, IMHO I think that sometimes the dealers  gave the landlords $$ for allowing them (the dealers) to deal) Welcome to Racine!

This would change starting in 2001 The year of the Mexicans The year of Heroes


I was in the front yard helping my wife with her Flowers.  In the front of one of the Drug Houses I saw a truck and two Mexicans sitting on the hood of the truck talking. Knowing of the dislike between Hispanics and African Americans, I was curious so I walked over to say Hi. Note I speak NO SPANISH.

So there we were three men  talking by nodding and smiling exchanged names, and I got the idea that they had bought the home they had parked in front of and the brothers had plans how they where going to fix up the house.

Then and then… one of the Major deals from the area showed up The name I knew him by was Shorty, a Black Male in and out of jail for dealing.  Shorty walked up and demanded that the brothers rent to him.

Well I knew this was going to get interesting, most likley turn into a Police call and the Two Mexicans not wanting to deal with drug dealers would leave walk away from this house (Sad to say)  but as one brother tried talking to Shorty the other walked to his truck and got out the biggest Machete I ever seen more like a Claymore walked back over to his Brother,and laid the Tool on the Hood.

Shorty realized he was late for a meeting and ran off.

Wow, Shorty who thought he was hot shit was ran off, with that being seen on the street lost most of his reputation as a thug, and I have not seen him since.

The Brothers I would find out fast do NOT deal with the Dealers in anyway.

They would buy the three drug houses fix them up and rent them to Hispanics with most of the Values that I have, yes they sometimes been issues but Jones St is 100000000% better then it was.

Now we have kids playing games in the yards vs hiding in houses, we do not have Drug deals going on but Music in the air.

Friends talking to Friends not Drug deals going down

We watch out for each other help when we can, after my wife’s Cancer they cooked her many meals and I helped them Roof the Houses and deal with the City of Racine.

Larga vida a mis hermanos Mexicanos!