Well at the time we lived outside of Sturervant WI in a rental home, my wife was there about four years before she  married me and then we were then for another 3.

Otto the Landlord was an older man who lived by  himself with no living relatives that we knew of. Nice guy all in all, one day in 1999, my wife found out at the Feed Store, that Otto had sold the property, he had done so because he found out that he had Cancer and not long to live.

That came as a shock, My wife had hoped that Otto would have offered the house to us first, but that was not the case. We would not have a chance to  know why Otto would die before much longer.

Needless to say we were in panic mode what were we going to do? Where would we  go with not only three kids but 7 Dogs?

In Racine the next day we had lunch at a place called Roster’s in Racine and picked up one of those Homes for Sale magazines. In there the Wife saw the photo of this place and thought to take a look, so we did.

She liked it we talked to one of the neighbors who shared both the good and bad.

The worst part was the drug houses she I.D.’d but Mrs O  did say that her and Mr. O would help watch the house when we were at work etc. and we had a COP house a Block away.

Major point was that on two sides the house was guarded by walls or Wood line making it a bit safer from thugs and having a outbuilding met we had a place for the Dogs and a driveway for our cars.

Barb thought it was worth a shot.

That  night Barb and the listing realtor  on an offer and sent it off. Later that same Afternoon we got told the  owner accepted the offer. NOTE: we were told down the line the previous owner thought he never sell the house so he took the first offer (US) however he would get over 20 more.

My dear wife thinks we were fated to buy the house, that in many ways, the Chateau was looking for someone who would care for it and the land as much as the first owner did in 1905.