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Saturday was interesting, the good part was we had a meeting of the Farmers at our House Garden.

We have 4 raised beds that we grow Veggies in this year, Potatoes, Tomatoes and Root Crops.

Our Hispanic Neighbors came down to watch my wife work in the Garden, as happens they talked with each other and with my wife (Note my wife does not speak Spanish) with hand gestures  and bits of English, they shared Crop advice, what kinds of Farms they grew up/work on in Mexico and what they do here. Barb was very impressed with one of the stories of how one guy came to the USA by raising Pigs and would like to have a Pig farm here in time.

Someone brought a Radio and turned Music on. In about an hour most of the Hispanics were at e Garden with everyone having a good time.

We got to know or Neighbors better and they us.We communicated as friends, we in a way bonded.

Great to know this kind of unity can be built just by hanging out at a Garden talking.