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When we bought the house in 1999, we knew we wanted to put up a fence between us and the the drug dealers next door, put in Glass Block Windows in the Basement vs the Pane windows (harder to break into the Basement) and put Glass in the large window in the Southside of the Basement vs the sheet of plastic. that the last owner had in.

We had read that the City working with a Group X (not in existence anymore I believe) the program manager home owners in the poor areas of Racine could get forgivable loans to 1oK. You hired the contractor once the work was done and checked the Program manager wrote the contractor a check. Each year you lived in the home 20% of the loan would be forgiven after 5 Years 100% would be forgiven.

Easy painless quick. So we got the paperwork going and the work lined up and done.  I wish the program was going on today, but I am told by the City  it’s not at least not in this area.

The program helped get get needed work done and sure would help our issues today (Again we had no idea about the Roof)

The Contractors we used did a great job and they all went above and beyond.

Working with the group managing the program was well interesting at the end for two things:

1) The Women (Ms X) we worked with tried to intimidate my wife about our Fence, that almost came to blows between my wife and the manager. This was over the thought that the contractor did not use the right kind of posts, and my wife wanted that fixed (Once told the Contractor fixed the issue right away) the Program manager came over and tried giving my wife a hard time and tried not only raising her voice but made threats. Did not go over well.

We would later find out the program manager was fired

2) When we refinanced the house down the line that the Program manager never filed any of the paperwork needed to say we got the “Loan” that was wild. Perhaps issues like that is what killed the  program?

Overall programs like this IMHO can help homeowners out Racine could use one again.