Well its been hard, as you know my Brother in law died in a Car crash, his fault I understand and just found out that he had no car insurance. DAMN.

Now my sister his widow has too pay for the other drivers truck. Oh he had no life insurance too so all his debits are my sister’s to pay.

My next Door Neighbor was raided for Drugs in the beginning of the month RPD found some his brother in law (the one with the drugs) is looking at 30 years.

30 years in a Federal pen no parole he will see every day of what he gets. The landlord  is evicting My neighbor and family, I cant blame him hate to see the police think he the owner wants dealers in his properties.

My Mom has elder issues so there is that. She has basically quit eating.

So in the face of this going on my issues and the $$ funding idea going for shit is a walk in the park.

I am thinking I can still document what is going on if only to show what life is like in Racine in a poor neighborhood. 

How I am trying to fix the issues going on. Someone just might get some benefit from this. Hell I might might be able to find like minds. 

Going to document other efforts too.

Oh I made sure I have Car insurance   and some type of life insurance too

You may want to as well.