My wife and I left about 11:00 Am to see a few of the homes on the tour for this year.

Interesting homes with good histories, one day I like to see our home as one of them, silly thing is the PRIDE I took in mine being so much larger then most of the homes on the tour , mine was also build before most of the ones on the tour too.

The Volunteers helping were grand! The houses looking sharp.

I did like the tour and after my Wife and I went to lunch on the Lake Front, nice lunch at the Chart Room.

The far more interesting to me was the wide rage of other folks on the tour and their backgrounds living in Racine. One of them Call him Mr.L will be joining the “real History of Racine club” a few  of us have formed to talk about politics of Racine.

Racine has such a full rich history and we have many with interesting connections with The “leadership”

All and all a good time and I think, we will be joining this fine group.