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This house two lots away to the North is not only behind on taxes but in need of mayor repair (note Tarp acting as a temp roof repair) this cant even be sold for 5K. Needs a new Roof, many busted windows a new Furnace the floor is rotting away. To my understanding the City of Racine is making no efforts to find the heirs of the Estate   after the owner died last year.

Repair orders are going to the mail box.



A sad story this house about a block away has been bought and some repairs have “started” A new Roof was added, then the City showed up and from what I understand the fees permits and fines has stoped any more repairs.

Now I was once was told by City of Racine staff that this home (walked away from in forecloser and repair orders many of them) would not be able to be sold but torn down I was shocked to see the new owner fixing it up/cleaning it out.  More shocked when others came to MY home to be sure that I was not dumping his garbage over my hill side.

From what I was told by the owner he simply went to the Bank holding the mortgage and paid cash for it . The Bank sold it as is (My guy kinda messed up not having a realtor to help him)

Well I believe there is a Octopus style furnace  in the Basement most likely with unsafe insulation issues that  would need to be changed out.

This house has had no heat for 2-3 years with a bad roof only just fixed who knows how badly damaged the home maybe inside add to that the critters now living back inside the home.

Be interesting if the new owner continues to pay taxes on the home or walks away from it.

I would hope that the City of Racine would want the houses fixed and folks living in them if only to get the taxes payed. Guess not.