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Or I’m a Lumberjack

On the property we have Trees, lots of Trees, this is a good thing. The wildlife need them to live gives them Food/Shelter.

In fact a good part of the lot is a woodlot, IMHO outside the City parks we are heavy wooded area. My wife and I are happy to help persevere this area of woods.

touching the House are four tall Walnut Trees about 80-100 years old so tall that branches are touch the house, this causes issues from acting as wicks to draw rain fall to the home and of course stuff in the Gutters.

The Gutters can be cleaned sure the Trees are far to tall to safely climb to trim with a one handed Chain Saw

So we are getting quotes from area Arborist  boy that is not cheep at all to trim the Trees they way they need to be in a safe way will run about $1,0000.  Damn that sucks.

Interesting things happen when you own a older home.

I will get some photos of the Trees.


Taller then the house you can see the branches on/near the house.



Back corner Taller then the home again branches need trimming badly



Back of home largest of the group branches on the home Its a tall tree