Just so you know, I am a Native American and very proud of that, like many I served because that’s what we do I think its the whole Warrior protecting the homeland thing.

Last few days I have been helping to protect Burial Mounds in the City of Racine from Mayor John Dickert digging that up for the benefit of what I and others see as a Good Old Boy or to be more bunt The family is rich and White so why not?

Sad that in 2013 we are still dealing with Native Rights nor over $$ or say Casino’s but desecrating graves.

Being in the forefront I expect the City to write orders on my home to harass me, that is IMHO the Racine way.

No matter I would and will do it again.

What is truly sad is the hate I get from others saying things like “hope your house falls down”  or “how dare you have a White Women, get a Squaw”

Well I return that hate with love and  pray for God’s help and yours in getting my home restored.

Here are some Photos from the past few days IMG_1023