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When our youngest was about twelve, she started talking in her sleep, no big thing many kids do.

Her pals from School who use to come over wanted to stay downstairs vs sleep in the large Bedroom (made up as a Ship’s Cabin) upstairs, we thought so they could as kids do watch TV all night. No big thing, life goes on.

After our daughter got 17 or so her friends reported hearing voices in the room and my wife and I just thought it was kids being kids and telling ghost stories.

One of her pals told my wife she saw a “little person” riding on a Horse attached to a Mobile hanging from the Ceiling, that this person was looking for someone to play with. I thought this was all kids being kids and then ….

I snore yes I do badly, so when that happened in the past I go to the back Bedroom once all  the kids moved out well I did.

Until I started hearing voices all night a first I thought was my neighbors talking outside next door or even kids in our yard goofing around, but with our Dogs it could not be see our Dogs would have raised hell if anyone been in the yard at night and the lights would have  turned on. Those actions did not happen. Strange very strange.

The last night I tried sleeping in that room not only did I hear the voices but something shook me awake I would swear in court that “it” asked me to play.

A search of the records on the home has no info on anyone dieing in the home or any youth passing that lived here.

Needless to say I do not try to sleep in the back bedroom anymore.