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Got to know a fellow Vet (lets call  him Mr V) Mr. V like many of us have seen hard times come first a job related injury addiction to pain meds (happens a lot I understand talking to Medical folks) drinking issues now Homeless.

Like lots in the City of Racine he can’t find a job and with his age he may not be able to do so.

I am thinking of talking to my wife to see if he can stay here we have the room and he be willing to help do some of the work that needs to be done that I do not know how to do and teach me skills that I do not have, as he sees if he can get in to a VA home for Vets.

Might be a good idea I just do not want to be taking advantage of  Mr. V as so many have done.

Its getting cold outside and I can see me in his place very easily. WE have some rules No Drinking being the biggest one.

Hell just having a safe place to sleep would do him wonders and help us do some of the work we need done and allow me to learn needed skills.

I think I have a duty to give him refuge. Are we not God’s hands on Earth?