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He is doing well in rehab and may not need to be there much longer.

He may also get to go into the VA Home program for Homeless Vets. This would be a good thing if only to call someplace his home and be a safe place for him to stay and retreat to.

Mr. V has come up with a plan of action for home repairs here at the Chateau from most needed to be nice if/when

My new part time Gig at Wisconsin Daily Independent http://wisconsindailyindependent.com/   will bring not a mint but a few $$ and that will help a lot.

In fact this is a great opportunity for me that I need to wrap my mind around still.  Thanks and Glory to God for this. Never thought I be a Newspaper reporter. There is a story both how this came about and well events since that will get posted here.

Nim the Dog (more Photos to be posted here) had Pups that too will help might be the day but feeling kinda low, so let be bring in the Panda Dog and I will post the photos