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Being a Reporter in this area has shown me now only leads to many interesting news stories BUT shown me how much worse off things could be. Mind you there are major issues to be addressed in fixing up this home and yes this job I have being a Free Lance has/will help still more $$ then my wife and I make will be needed.

Having said that, I have met others in far worse shape and fighting hard just to put food on the table  so in many ways we are blessed knowing how bad living in Racine can be.

Now as a Reporter I do plan to write about the human condition and those of us here living in Racine  doing what we can how we can.

Perhaps I should see if now a bartering group could be started or a Time Bank.

Makes for great stories of nothing else and maybe just maybe a story I do can make a change.

FYI in case you did not know I do have a part time job as a reporter for Wisconsin Daily Independent and looking for other freelance Gigs.