I like to be clear.

Not looking for a hand out. That’s why on the Fund raising page I list what you can get if you can help us restore the house here our home.

Any number of good folks need help too. All over its hard we like many of you have seen our income fall both in real numbers (Like I not having a job/job but doing free lance writing of all things 🙂 )  Of course prices going up have not help nor has my wife’s cost of Heath care) But crying is not the answer is it?

We do what we can, the best we can,have Faith, and go down fighting.

Interesting, even if very sad to see the large numbers in Racine dealing with the same issues in Home Ownership.

I am thinking of trying to see if T-Shirts would go over.

Any-ideas would be very helpful.

Maybe we can get Mr.  Trump to help I understand he enjoys restore old homes and folks in trouble.  Then too maybe we can get Vanilla Ice to help! That be fun