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Yes I care because its where I live, at the risk of sounding silly, let me try to explain, if I can.

See I care because of my wife,if not for her I not be here I be a drunk in a bar, my life of well shit, but due to God, who I strongly believe and thank. He had me meet her and gave be the courage to stop drinking.

For that love I owe her more then I can give her far more.

She as you know led us to this home, this 107 year old home


This home (Photo above)

The house needs a lot of work. About 50K in repair maybe more maybe less. A lot behind the walls and in the now insulation filled attic

Again as you know is/was caused by Water damage due to a poor Roofing job some time in the past.

Yes I am being selfish here and needy maybe even begging a bit. ( I hope not) but I am asking for your help to help restore the Chateau, my pet name for the home here, I hope to repay my wife for her love powerful very much so to save me from being a lush by helping to save this our home.

Wouldn’t you?

There are ways on the page to donate $$, prayer is great! Ideas are wonderful!!

You can follow me on twitter @chateauclingman might be fun will be entertaining.