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We plan to buy as much as we can American made. Why? Simple:

Best value for the Money

Well made far better then a lot of the junk made in China

Buying American helps Americans keep their jobs, in this economy and jobs so hard to find a huge issue (I have not had a 9-5 type job in 6 years, does not help that I am over 50 and disabled not bitch just a fact) I want to help others keep working

If there is an issues far easier to resolve then say calling an 800 and talking to someone who does not speak English.

This house is worth it. Both my wife and I like to see this home last another 100+ years for who may end up with the Chateau after we are dead and gone.

If one of the themes is rebuilding should we not think of rebuilding the great county as well as this house?

Respect, should my wife and I respect the first folks that built and owned this home by using the very best when we can?

As I see it, it be disrespectful to the Builders the past folks who loved here and the great workers who worked hard on this our home.

Thank You