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I have not posted about the neighborhood and my working  on making it better.

No way do I want to make this Blog all about my House even if that is the main purpose, see along with this my home, my wife and I do care about the area we live in.

Right then

One of my goals is to give youth more to do then just sling Crack after school  or weekends but something fun and creative to try their hands at.

In Spring and Summer there was Gardens to be part off but come Winter not so much.

So going to try a new idea that should keep kids interested, perhaps even motivate them to do better at School to learn Math as well as Physics.

Going to try starting a Robotics/Rocketry  Club . I stared by calling the Racine Unified School District offices but got nothing from that other then crying about lack of $$$.

Called The City of Racine Parks Department, Mr Mobeck, who I will need to talk to was out on vacation ,we will talk soon. Looking forward to sharing my ideas with him but since I do not get along with City Goverment I  must seek to go around the Park Board as much as I like to see them The Park Board say no to something benefiting Afro-American Youth this is Racine after all.

Thinking we start with something easy the Estes Rockets and Lego Mind Storm for the Robots.

We can watch neat films like Starship Troopers Why not?

Perhaps a field trip To Bong State Park for a high power Rocket Launch day?

What your saying I may have a lot of fun too? 🙂