Great news!!

The Tree Trimmer is willing to trade th Wood he can get from the cut trees for a percentage off the bill!

This will be a big help with Money so tight.

Nice LOCAL Contractor, goes to show what buying local can do, He understands the issues of Racine and how Money is very tight for many.

The Contractor has the right insurance and training to do a great job, Wife checked his references from others he did work for.

IMHO checker to make those checks to be sure.

Bruce, hope to cut up the Wood for his use as Firewood for his Wood Burner he uses at his place.  He also plans to chip some up for Bedding to use on his stable.  This he said will (the Wood) help him save money as well, so he is able to pass that along to us.

So we making plans for him and his crew to be here soon!