Build in 1905, this home has Two fireplaces, set up for Wood vs Coal.

Build before Central Heat was invented, we realty can’t use them to help heat the house, or can we?

I am thinking be something to look into, We have a lot of Wood on the property and I can get Wood Pallets for free just some work to take the Pallets apart.

My first thought be to start a fire in the PM after the Sun goes down to raise the temp by a few Degrees on the Coldness days, cutting back on the use of Gas.

We bank the Fire about an hour before Bedtime and keep a ABC Fire Kit in the Room with one upstairs something we should have anyway for or Preparation need. s

Ash would not be an issue for there is an Ash Pit that flows to the basement where the Ash would be collected and I use the Ash  for the Gardens come Spring.

We will be looking into this more as we explore the Idea.

What are you thoughts?