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Yes Sir, our first real  snow today from the TV news we should see about 1″ later today I sweep it off the front steps, overnight this area should get 2 more inches, that I can push off the steps.

Should be a big nothing, no not even close. On the Hwy 94 is bad driving the word Ice covered is used on the scanner.Racine County will be on the deal to treat the Roads for ice.

In the City of Racine we will be punished by the Mayor of Racine for resisting his Tax tax tax idea then watch him give the $$ to pals for foolish revitalization projects with unknown outcomes.

Dickert will do so by IMHO by having the slowest response to the ice as possible.  After last year’s public outcry for his head, I hope leader of City of Racine Public Works has a plan to find a new job, he may need one.

It is what it is, the issue I have today is rather simply

We have a number of Hispanics in this area not use to driving in Snow even such as small amount as today’s. Many of these do not have Auto insurance as mandated by State law.  Should they get into accidents (God forbid)  and need to have insurance it may not go well for anyone.

I should know in the past 5 years my wife and I got hit three times by Cars where the driver did not have coverage.

If we did not have uninsured driver coverage what was a pain would have been a disaster.

Come Winter we park our cars down the driveway so a car not under control driven by a driver without coverage will not hit ours.

Note the last time was my wife who was hit, driver on her Cell Phone speeding if I recall right no insurance Our car had $3000 damage. If we did not have the uninsured driver …..