As you may know, Sunday here in Racine we got a bit of Snow about 3″ with the snow came unexpectedly we had ice on the road causing lots of issues on roads around South Eastern WI.

The area saw two major pile ups one with over 35 Cars/Trucks involved, with one death (near my home) The other near to Milwaukee saw another death. Very sad. Good thing that our first responders/Police/FD are well trained and our County Emergency Manger has worked with local Governments to coordinate efforts with training to prepare for a range of issues.

My Wife went out not knowing about the roads and came back quickly, when she saw how bad the roads were.  Thank God!

She and I noticed that her car did not have any of the equipment that we all should have in climate like Wisconsin’s in the Winter.

Before I got on her case I recalled that 1) I only have a little that I should need if something should happen 2) Overall our efforts have slipped some, and we to pick up the pace.  As I have said before this is our Home,our refuge in case of trouble and our last stand if I may use that term.

IMHO we all should be ready for events that may occur to anyone us. Fire, a bad storm, spills, mind you I recall 9-11 and we have a bit more with my CERT training (I think everyone who can take a CERT class should good information, for that matter basic Red Cross with CPR. I my own life I had to use Red Cross First Aid and was glad I had it,)

So from here out I will be talking about prepping as well as the other issues!.