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Very happy!

The Tree trimming crew came by this morning and well trimmed the Trees  earlier I.D. as being dead and in danger of falling in a storm along with those causing a wick action to occur in a Rain storm causing Water damage to the Chateau.

The crew came on time, did a great job, with a fantastic clean up.

We also obtained about a Cord of wood from the trimming they did.

One of the crew who has lived in the area for some time and has a background in the History of the area told us that the Chateau is the high point (Above Sea level)  of the City of Racine, of course many other buildings are higher (stories)  but ousr may be on the highest point. Interesting. Nice, too he reads my stories I write, gave me a few leads on others. Real nice company great to know that we still have some like them still in Racine WI.
In the Morning I post some photos.

Feels very good to see one of the projects to restore the Chateau done. Next up is the electrical!