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On the Southside on the house as part of our walkout Basement is a built-in Green House.

We until just now thought this was an old Window frame, one of our older neighbors remembered a Green House being there in the 40’s.

This was part of the home when built in 1905.  the last owner before us for what ever reason ripped out the framework/glass and covered it with roofing shingles. Why I have no clue.

No only does it look bad, rain leaks in, and in winter the Chateau loses heat from this area.

We undertook steps to reduce heat loss and water leakage but need to do more.

After much thought and a visit to a local Window manufacturer, we thing that we will restore the Green House. Why?:

1) Help restore the look of the home as it did in 1905

2) Will help the home GAIN heat in Winter

3) End water seeping

4) We can grow food (Herbs, Tomatoes, Lettuce) year around

5) Creates an area in the Basement to view the hillside and park.

6) Looks cool.

We do not need to use Glass this time they make  plastic that will act just like Green House glass.

Most of the cost will come from having to remove the covering the last owner put on the Frame.Most likley have to rebuild the frame from scratch

This will be one of the last spring projects.