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This may be a strange post, after all we are told that we should not talk about God others may not like it, you may offend them or your lose readers.

Well to that I say Fuck off.

As I do like that others may read this blog and I hope are entertained by it.  Its far more about the strange road the quest has been.

So as you know the House had major issues to fix, many nights I could not sleep wondering how where the repairs going to get done the damaged restored with very little money.

Asking the “Crowd” for funds did not work well  some good ideas, great encouragement (a few Nasty messages) and lots of prayer, this may have been the best thing to have asked for.

So wife finds a contractor via Home Depo to help with the door door we want replaced, comes starts work and the more he does the more we like him!

Comes back to finish tells us of some issues with his work that we would have not noticed and offers to do the job for a huge discount due to his error. What? We have a very honest contractor? Stepping up to do the right thing??? WOW! Talking further we find he enjoys doing restoration for its not rushed and brings back Historic Homes!!!

More incredible, right now seeking more restoration so he can take his work less rushed and practice Old School woodworking.

Very very cool. WE found someone we can use for the long haul!

So the contractor will

Fix the Dry Wall issues from the Water Damage

Repair interior Water Damage

The Woodwork damaged  from  the Water Damage

in other words 80% of what is needed.

He will charge us of course but will also barter for things he needs that we can do for him! What may have cost 30K + we can get done for less. I will have to help him at times nothing wrong with that.

Best he is Catholic+ understands the Power of the Saints

Big thanks to St Anthony, Glory to God!

God heard my prayer, He has sent aid.