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Got to say this:

Praise the name of God! Praise Him Praise him! To God the Glory!

Now am I saying I won the lottery no, am I saying my writing job making is paying me $$$ no, I am saying even with my heath set back and a money bump to be dealt with, I can see  more good then bad a gathering of Heroes in the process of restoration  and that the bad vibes crated by the fear and hopelessness of what I thought was simply doom was not valid and this came only from God. Praise His name!

I had a stroke a few days after New Years, I cant drive because of the new Meds I am on, sadly the freelance writing job for the On Line newspaper seamed to have died no idea why, rather then cry in my beer I need/will need to stand up      Gird up now thy loins like a man; and write the E Books I have in my head. For will not God My God help me to persevere what the hell I got nothing but time might as well make good use of it right?

So nice having the Trees trimmed a job I thought would cost 1,500 we got done for far less!

The Electrical A job costing $$ my wife and I by doing research, reading a How To Guide was able to do the work ourself’s

The money saved we invested in the Restorer of God!

Talked about him before, his joy from restoring old homes, the kindness he showed in OUR home, the fact he enjoys the history of this area met to my Wife and I, he could be trusted  and yes he did us a great job!

Far better then I thought, he or anyone would do. Did it in the time frame he said he would for the price he said it would be, and as he and his crew worked,showed us things we could do to do more restore ourself vs pay others.  So cool!

Because of this when we get more $$ He will be called back to continue more restoration, in the areas we can not do.

So Good to get a lot of this out of the way, great knowing there are options

On other fronts Contacted the 4-H over the Robots in the Hood idea and they will be doing something in this area to get the kids in this Neighborhood and other poor neighborhoods involved, So cool, when I can drive again I hope to visit the clubs and see the cool things the kids are working on. Maybe even go to Milwaukee and see them compete at the area Robotic meet.

We got some new dealers in the area, between myself and my neighbors we will work with the Racine Police and get them gone.

Lastly my wife and I are looking at the next few months and set some goals