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Hey its Ground Hog Day

The little SOB’s are saying 6 more weeks of Winter and I will guess they are right as much as I hate to say it. Still Spring is coming we also know is Imbolc the day The Celtics marked as the first day of Spring, I am going to believe the Gods before I do some foolish Rodents!

Since I am going back to the SCA to play Uthyr again why the hell not!

so again Happy Imbolc!

As to the Chateau, the Seed Exchange today got me thinking on what other low skilled labor focused events I could do not only to help restore the Chateau and bring about some fun… So thinking Work Party!

Invite our Pals in Racine and around Racine to the Chateau have a range of tasks that could be worked on and in exchange for that feed the crew provide drink when the work was done at night harder drink with I do not know maybe Music! Maybe a Mideast Dancer to watch!!!!

We focus one a few goals:

1) Green House remove the $%%$#@ coverings restore the Glass Panes

seal the cracks.

2) Work on the Landscaping at the edge of the Side Hill

3) Build the Stone Patio/Pathway

In a Three Day Weekend Friday PM-Saturday-Sunday AM  with say 6 men we could get a lot done.

I could give out Door Prizes of DVD’s of B Films! Maybe area Companies donate simple “Prizes” too. I think it be a lot of fun. Get Neighbors to get to know one another.