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Well its not over yet, but this week it should get over 32 and next week even more days over 32.

We will get more snow and cold but I hope we can see more signs of Spring. Around the 14 of Feb we see the signs I look for some returning Geese and the S.I. Swim Suit issue

Back to this Winter here in Wisconsin it has been the coldest with the most snow in years, you can tell easy. We can from our power bill. Over $500 for Jan and will guess the same for Feb we keep the house at 60 Deg no higher turn off lights etc but it has been very very cold.

We need a plan for next year, I am sure that adding some type of Wood Burning Stove will be part of this plan.

Happier then all get out that we added more insulation  in the Attic  a few years ago plus the new doors help a lot. As does most of the other restoration done so far, a little goes a long way.

Any how will be looking into some type of wood burner and better thicker curtains for the large windows we have on the first floor.

More interesting issue is the Mice, being so snowy and below 0. Mice have been driven to find shelter where they can.  Because of this for the first time I can recall, we  have Mice, yes we are  putting out traps and we are getting two a day on average, come better weather I am hoping that some will move back outside whatever the trapping will continue even The Cat as caught some. I fear to think what my neighbors who may not be as proactive as we are are dealing with.

Thank God Next Week 2/16-2/20 the weather will be in the 30’s-40 bringing a new set of issues but I will be happy to deal with that vs the below Zero BS. Have I said I dislike the cold?