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Here we are mid February and as we see signs of Spring, we are seeing the hard Winter still having an effect.

The biggest issue we are dealing with here now are Mice! See with the hard Winter and Snow fall the Mice want to as we do be safe and warm vs cold and under threat.  So some have moved in here. More then we like to have, one is far too many, the few we have suck big ones.

Thank God we are been taking action!

We as you may know have Dogs so  poison cant be used without endangering the Dogs. That be a bad thing.

So we are using traps not the old type spring loaded that bite you as much as perhaps a mouse but heavy duty trigger type traps and they are doing a great job.

We made an impact on the Population and soon the SOB’s will see outside as the far safer place to be. NOTE: My Cat would want you to know she has helped too.

Next up is the Mushrooms, for this I have my Sister to thank for this, as you know from other posts and the tries to use Crowd sourcing to help raise funds to fix up many of the early issues that being the Roof we do not have much money and I had to turn to kid for help.

Due to this my sister and I are getting along better then in the past, this lead to our talking about what we could do to make more here important with the very poor economy of Racine WI.     Something I can do from home with little investment or infrastructure.

She recalled my experiments in growing Mushrooms, knew about my wanting to get the Green House up and running thought that doing the Mushrooms go very well with the whole Greenhouse idea and that be cheep to start back up.

She is right on the money. I can grow a Lb of Mushrooms for about $1 LB and sell for example Oyster Mushrooms for $8 Lb in my Basement I can do the whole operation and sell the product locally. Boom.

Thanks for reading!