Thank you God for Spring!   First day of Spring in a few days and many thought it be -20, and being Wisconsin it just might be!

This week we will be seeing highs in the 40,/50’s lows in the 30’s so as this snow and ice melts and the ground thaws we see a lot of Mud, a muddy mess and that’s a fact Jack

That however is Spring in Wisconsin, closer to doing more outside to doing work on the Green House work to deal with issues of drainage, putting a small water feature in the back yard and starting the Garden, with of course the Mushroom growing. Even now the Basement is warming up so I can start seeds and the Spawn!

Be a hassle dealing with the puppies in and out now that they know that there are other places the Pups can run in so of course they want too! Can you blame them? I think Dogs can get Spring fever too, makes sense to me.

For the first few days be little we can do then there are steps we can undertake again Spring in Wisconsin and I for one am happy that it is here!

Once the Basement stays above 45 I can start the seeds that need starting and the Mushroom growing would do little good to undertake those undertakings if the cold would be deadly.

So happy to see more signs of Spring!