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Everyone I shared this idea with loves it. So I am going for it

Mobile-Out-Of-The-Box is coming to celebrate the world of mobile devices!

From applications to video creations, the world of mobile devices is growing every day.  Most of us use some type of mobile device to make a call, check the weather, play a game or to perform any number of other activities, every single day.  Mobile-Out-Of-The-Box is a celebration of both the and the creators who make the magic happen. This includes app creators, film makers and those who find new and creative ways to use their mobile devices to aid them in their work.

To accomplish this we will host an event with a mobile twist! The Mobile-Out-Of-The-Box Contest will showcase the film creators who use the latest portable technology. All of the participating videos will have been exclusively created on smart phones and tablets.  We’ve lined up a great group of judges such as actress Kelly Marie Murtha and author Carolyn Evans-Dean, among others.  Each entry will be objectively critiqued to allow the entrant to improve their work.  We are planning to showcase the winners on the Mobile-Out-Of-The-Box web page and on our YouTube and Vimeo channels.

We are also hosting an app contest for tablet and smart phone developers.  Just as with the film submissions, all of the submitted apps will be critiqued and feedback given to the creators.  Our head judge is Tony Trejo, the CEO of Gruposmart, a major player in the Hispanic applications market.

We would be remiss if we did not include a game contest. More than anything else we see games being played on mobile devices. Who better than Tony Walsh, Executive Producer of Phantom Compass to lead the judging and critiquing effort?

The brains behind Mobile-Out-Of-The-Box include foreign film festival organizers and Wayne Clingman, creator of the Indy Film Wisconsin and the It Came from Lake Michigan film festival.

We are actively looking for sponsors to partner with us to create a Mobile-Out-Of-The-Box celebration to be remembered.

Sponsorships can take the form of cash, mobile devices, software or providing for any of the other needs we may have, such as covering the speech by our keynote speaker via Skype at the awards dinner.

Given adequate support, the Mobile-Out-Of-The-Box team would like to also host a video contest exclusively for high school seniors within the United States. As part of our educational and industry outreach we’d like to identify and offer assistance to budding high school developers to learn about the opportunities that await them in college, as they look ahead at furthering their education.

For more information please e-mail Wayne Clingman at wclingman@wi.rr.com.