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There is a “House” on my block of Jones st. This house is starting to fall apart, the roof needs to be I feel replaced since the inside of the home is now open to the outside, from what I understand been that way since last Fall.

My Neighbor across the street tried to buy the house from the last owner (now dead) for what ever reason the sale did not go down my neighbor not being able to buy the house quit working on the building and the place is in probate and will be for another 6 months maybe a year or longer.

I have not been inside since the owner died so I do not have first hand knowledge but I do believe the damage to the roof allowed water damage to occur inside and the inside walls are starting to buckle, before muck longer the place will simply fall apart.

Very sad for Jones st had someone who WAS willing to repair the building to be livable.

I simply do not understand why the City of Racine refuse to allow good folks to obtain these buildings and maintain them vs allowing them to fall apart.