Far more Spring like! Great to see the snow go away!!

Still have the massive Mud pits and still can not walk near the edge of the hill without the danger of falling over, since it is a 80’90’ drop I try to not do that.

This be prime time to get Maple Sap to make syrup, however due to the very long and hard Winter, the head wife thinks (and I agree) that do not harm to lay off the tapping of the trees for this year. so the Trees can regain any health lost during as what has been called  the coldest Winter in 100 years, again be best to give them a rest.

So much to do this early Spring when the Mud does dry a bit among other things:

Move the Wood cut this Winter to its new home

Build the new dog run

Fix up and get the raised beds in shape.

Be a busy Spring A few warm sunny day and it will be time for at of very hard but rewarding work.