Can I say it’s been a long Winter? Has it ever, only this last week has the frost left all the Garden beds mind you the last freeze in Wisconsin is the last part of this month but frozen ground not so much .

With the better weather, we were able to get experienced eyes on the roof, sadly we are in the belief that we may have an issue on part of the North Side of our roof but will not be 100% sure… until it rains, I myself would rather take proactive action but well money is as always an issue as it is with many I know of in the City of Racine for that matter The USA. Sad shit.

We do what we do to get along and take oppertunies as we may see them . trust me they do exist, we just need to have faith take that step and should we fail to get back up. Yes its hard yes it can suck and often in this time in this City, can be so much easier to say fuck it and give up but then what?

So I am at a crossroads when it come to investing my time for the most part I have no clue, however we will see, I have read somethings are not going to workout but did you learn from the experience? Then too you have no idea how the ripples you set off will come back or how the effort pays off in unexpected ways, brings me back to faith.