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Been awhile since I posted, sorry about that, on one hand not much has changed on the others lots have what can I say?

The Roof issue I was worried about is still somewhat unknown it has rained here but not a real down poor. So I still do not know about the roof for sure.

Kinda bummed out my truck needs work to be used to get my garden going help with my Mom’s farm and help with  the farms I work with do not have the $$ to get it fixed.

Looks like that its just a worthless world since no one is coming to my recuse right.

At times like everything I touch goes to shit

However I know better far better that that I sure do.

For I know this:

God Loves me and I will have faith

Not only does God love me I am an American, I have have the best education in the world I may write for shit (and I do) but I can get my point across and should I need help with my writing I can get it from time to time.

I have a High Speed Internet Know how to find information on line and IMHO have great ideas

My biggest issues has been trying to fit in in a city a state even a World that could care less about any of us. Sad thing but as my Father would say the world is not a fair place, now is it? He was right its not.

Nor is trying to fit in going to do me any good or you for that matter.

So I guess what I will have to do is just go fucking nuts and live in my own world where I am not going to feel bad for talking to my Dogs like they are just like us or my Cat like She (as She think she is queen of the world) hell she just might be.

If I want to do old time offerings to my dead Kin/Pals in my wood line I will try and stop me

I am no longer going to allow myself to be worried about the Haters who live to hate not me not no more.

Going to write My Ebooks the best I can going to offer my Charms for sale and if folks want to buy them great if not that’s O.K. too

What do I have to lose nothing, not a thing.

Thinking that that could be how I start seeing what God wants me to do maybe I have been so worried about doing the right thing so folks like me and become wiling to help me, I have blinded myself to God and not seen the true opportunities that exist.

Something else too, I will from this point on put value on me, now I do not mean that I will tell folks that to talk to me or to ask for a bit of my help its going to be $$ because I am not It does mean, I Nam going to be not donating my time to efforts that misspend my time or put me around negative energy such as my Racine in Ruins blog from time to time I may post something about the outragest behavior of our city leadership but since nothing is going to chage if I do nor anyone care I  be better off investing my time here on this blog or my work in Legalizing Hemp

Means too going to way reduce my time on the time suck called facebook