I know I posted photos before, lets try to show you around the house.

Note we live here I did not try to clean the place up and perhaps I should have, I know my wife thinks so

The Front looking in from Jones st


View from the Park below us to the South.

We have been told the house sets on the highest point (above Sea Level)  in Racine.

Many taller buildings in Racine.

Still this looks very impressive

Lets go inside

Stairway going up to 2nd Floor

Built in 1905, the craftsman ship here is great.

Do not even want to think about how much this would cost to do today.


The Ship Theme Room

This (The Home) was built for the owners Father who was a ship Capt on the Great Lakes to 1900/1905.

This home was for him but the good Capt Story is far from over with his moving to this house.

Building of Theme rooms came from the Upper Classes to show/Tell about of the history of the family living there.

The Bed is attached to the wall the Springs etc date to 1905


2nd room of the Theme Room(s) again from 1905 the window frames Windows hinges ect.

Over time and the kids leaving they have become storage spaces.

Mind you these rooms are haunted I do not go in them at night any more.

Let’s go Downstairs

Living Room Looking West into Dinning Room 9′ Ceilings

Windows on left look South and go from floor to ceiling 3 sets of two see below

Windows looking to the South into the Park below, the River is the Root River note the windows have interesting closing gears I have to take photos of them

Dinning Room note the back door to the back yard. Metal is the security door

As you can see my wife likes Dragons.

The Cabinet on the right was built with the house again in 1905.

My office looking in to Living Room I have cool French Doors

Poster on wall was my It Came From Lake Michigan Film Fest from 2007

Some Views from the first floor


View to the South again into the Park and the Root River

View out back door


Another View to the South Note the drop off

View into the front of the living room. note we are one of the few homes on Jones St that have drapes.

Cat is looking too after all its her house.

the windows are just regular windows


Lets Go Outside

What is left from the Old Green House an past owner took down the glass and covered the space with whatever.

Truck is what is used for mine and the other area Gardens I help with also used at my Kin’s farm

To the left is the door leading into the Basement.


From the Yard view to the South. The Drop off is 80′ down

Part of the Wood Line we own into the park

You can see the Drop better and the Woods

This is cool the Back Porch or the back fighting platform as I call it

You can see the back door and get a idea of the coolness


The View to the south


and you can see


Was built as a stable in 1905

The Roof needs work

We use it as storage

Forgot here is my helper Nihm a far better typest!


I hope the photos help show you why I love this house so much