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Great day on this Saturday May 3 so I thought  I walk around take more photos outside with Commentary but first put on some Gangsergrass




First we see the Twins, Belle and Willow I get them mixed up all the time looks to me that it’s O.K. to be on my way just do not forget the treats when I get back!



Below are the 4 6* 10 Raised beds at the dead end part of Jones St

On the ones right above can see the Rhubarb you might be able to see the Asparagus, this Afternoon I will be cutting some of the stalks for supper. Great thing to eat food out of your own Garden

Speaking of Gardens

I got the opportunity to pick up more of this space for a larger garden at this location

I have a bit of space here now and even my truck not working I can walk to hand turn my old bed and carry water if I must, however I could not turn the grass into Garden Beds for I can’t walk a tiller nor compost to this location without a truck

Coolness is that this nursing home

is interested in a Garden in this space in there side lawn

In the back left you can see they tried to do one once but I was told that, the staff did not know how nor had the equipment (I do) again the issue is without a truck I can’t bring a Tiller or move Compost it.

I am very happy that the area like to have more Gardens for the only place to buy food if you do not have a car is

Beer Chips and Pop lots of Candy.

I talked to the owner, tells me (and I believe him)  he tried fresh Fruit and Veggies but that spoils and he then tosses it away.

Now the expanded Garnering areas will not change the world but sure will help the folks around the area have the chance to grow their own food


If you like to help get my truck fixed hit the link



And for your taking the time to read this Got to like Hugo



So I got back and the Dogs are:



Hell to be Dogs o a nice sunny day.