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May have to call them!

Or just her



But first lets see what we know

As you know my my home:

Was built in `1905

First home in the subdivision

A walkway existed from the end of Jones to the Park and river bank below or so we are told.

Build by senor VP at Case for his father a Great Lake Cargo Ship Capt

Home and built not only for a place for Mr. Jones to retire to BUT show off wealth show the family history that is why the Ship Theme room was built

until the 1950’s the Woods to the East and South was taken care of for being the area of the “nouveau riche”  doing so was a public showing of wealth but with the end of WWII white flight occurred something still going on in Racine WI today.  

Great that all being said lets get into the mystery since the City of Racine removed a small garage across the street from my home in 1999/2000

we saw this

What is that? Why does the bush look far newer then the large trees on the side hill?

Was this at one time the path from Jones to the River/Lake?

Told my #1 wife I was going to go down of course I was told not to so of course I did

This is what I was able to get photos of

There is more then one!

In  fact there is a pattern


Such like this X is a post (not to scale)


X       X          X

X       X          X

X        X         X


Hare is a hope a good photo showing same


You can see with time no maintenance and the FGDSR#!  Thugs have taken its toll on them

Yes the pillars have holes in them in some they go East West in others North South

Yes the Tops are Crenelated  (Shaped lake battlements 0n a castle)

Looking around more I discovered this one for more photos


You can see the holes each post has them and you can see what the top looks like one side has broken off

Each post looks 8′ tall


What were they used for?