Got to got to GOT TO! give a plug for my Church! Refuge Church in Racine!

I knew the Pastor Holloway for a bit and did not go to the Church but time to time talked to him over the years about a range of issues.

Got a strong feeling that I needed to go and I have started to do so, Bible Study on Wednesday night then service on Sunday.

I like it there, good to be with others who are not like other Church do of all types trying to scam $$ out of you.

In fact I am going to lose a pal over this issue E.G. using lies about God to take advantage. Thank God that sort of BS will not happen at Refuge.

They want a Garden  so I gave them part of mine and talked the site into giving the Church more of the space and Praise God the Church helped till up my space there when they found out about my truck

Nice Church great group of folks Thanks God for leading me here.