I thought I be posting the neat info I talked of yesterday, however the Stars alined just right and we were able to get a lot of Yard word and Gardens fixed up/planted! Just in time for the rain predicted for Monday.

My wife (the Head Wife) also came up with very cool ideas  in how to incorporate the very old fence post in the landscape!

Sadly we had to dig up most of the Rose Bushes and the Arbor Vities that the long cold hard Winter killed off. Al least Head wife can rethink and replant the front yard in new designs if she chooses.

Best of all the work was kinda of fun to do.

I was also able to plant what I am calling Garden #2 mostly Potatoes-Onions and Garlic.

What is great about being able to do Garden #2 today is without a working truck it took the kindness of others to be able to even start yet alone finish Garden #2

Was able to till in due to Refuge Church last week and today was able to do the digging needed for the crops we put in from the help that just happened to stop by and say hi Many hands make quick work and hard work fun