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Today has me a bit upset, and as I was told by others it’s easier to write when one is pissed off. guessing that is true.

What got me this way today when after a weekend of nice weather of getting yard work done, have great lunches with the wife and best of all coming up with a new area to do some planting it and a few neat experiments with using  old seeds  I should be looking forward to bad Movie night and reading more on Hemp

Instead it is Police calls to Racine Police Department and neighbor drama welcome to the Center City of Racine!

All over the trashing looking buildings we have and some (by no means all) who can not or will not follow the rules on Garbage as in having trash cans

Tied of this I took photos of some to send to the City Building Department in order to show the trashy way others choose to live how that impacts us who then must pick up the junk deal with the Varmints/Smell.

Needless to say this house did not want me to this words exchanged, I felt compelled to call the Racine Police Department to document what happen as well as call my Alderman who is trying along with others to make West 6th st area a better place to live, also to insure maximum documentation for the landlord owning the building the opportunity   to fix the issue(s)

I had far better things to do.

So let me end this post by this my Wife and others will be planting Flowers in the front yard of the abandon house on Jones St. I and Mr. D will be removing the fallen over fence  so the City will dispose of the parts

Been a wile since we had drama like this on the Street thanks for letting me vent