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Yes I am a slug, need to work harder on updating this Blog and not just let it sit, now a got a much to go over.

Where to begin?

Well no good place son will jump right in

This house will get torn down in Early July.  Steps have been taken to stop anyone to buy the land just to put up a ram buckled shack or worse a slab to park Cars on.

This may cause issues with a neighbor who thought  he could buy the building and just put on siding and all would be well.

Sadly IMHO the kin of the elder Lady who now is in a nursing home never to leave when alive from what I gathered has lied to me and others about what was happening with the Old Lady and events with her.

This is truly sad

This house will be boarded up to prevent kids as young as 5-6 from entering the building. The County has NO plan to take it for back taxes and will allow it to fall apart. There is a large hole in the roof was open to the air with massive damage being done from that.

The mystery only gets better, with both Preservation Racine and local historians working on what was here in 1905.

The City of Racine was interested until IMHO others discovered that perhaps there is an Indian Mound at the head of the path that would cause huge issues that the City rather not deal with.

One of the local Historians shared with me, that she thinks papers that may exist that are well put Racine or the elites in a bad light go missing. If so this would be sad but to me not surprising

The troubled “mob” at the beginning of the street are still there but with luck be moving along soon.

The patch (knock on Wood) of the Roof is holding up Praise God.