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So Matthew Sadowski from The City Development came over to see what I was talking about a few weeks ago. So glad he did so Matt is #2 in City Development and as a life long resident understands the in and outs of our fair City, as #2 in a city department that has drawn a lot of fire, he is a man who as I see it keeps his principles in difficult times for the City of Racine. Most trust Mr. Sadowski

Back to the story, Matt got the tour of the house and able to understand why we love this home as much as we do.

He and I walked into the Woodline where Matt took many photos as I shared what I knew of the pillars and lay out of the land. As in they may be an Native Mound on the South edge of the area we where walking around in.

After we left the Woodline I gave my quick pitch of my master idea (That will be a page vs just a post to come)

Matt told me that he was going to see the old maps that the City had from the late 1800’s early 1900’s to see what info they had, he promised to share this with me.

We also talked of if my wife and I should put the Chateau on this Historical Register or nor the advantages and disadvantage of doing so.

I am very very thankful of Matt taking the time to come visit and talk over my home and issues in trying to restore the Chateau.