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So after taking to my wife this weekend, we have decided to look into getting the house listed on the Historic Registry, we have one’s at the City,State, and Federal levels, we can apply for.

At the State and Federal   levels there are tax credits we might be able to receive on repairs and restorations we may undertake.

As well being listed might MIGHT help raise our property values so if/when my wife sells down the line she may be better able to live on a fixed income.

There would be bragging rights as well.

Interesting that in an area with Homes like this the Norm

Ours is even here yet alone in the shape (Yet needing restoration/repair) its in.

For that I thank God for it’s only by His will we are here.

My Wife nor I have any real idea on how much work or effort yet alone cost this may be, we did think we should look into what it would take to do so and if there is a downside to doing so.

Be interesting to find out.