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So going to use my “Down Time” more productively combining my interest in the History of the Great Lake/The builder of my home/History of early Racine

to write an Ebook on the likes of “Ships of J.I. Case” or on that line.

I will then move on to Racine in the Gilded Age 1870-1914 Next Racine the Rise of industry  then lastly using the understanding on what made Racine the home of great Inventors can better understand the factors leading to the start of the decline of the same industries that grew the City and kept it alive for so long and now 2014 are no longer here or simply shells of their past glory. that be the last book in the series called perhaps Decline of greatness.

Thinking each book be 50-100 Pages

Being Ebooks I can set the price and thinking along the lines of .99-1.99 and will be sharing proceeds with my Editor on the projects a local writer.

I hope to begin soon say late 7/14 and have them all done in a year.

My thanks to those who have offered help with resources and words of encouragement