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A few weeks ago I reached out to staff at IH Case HQ in Illinois left a message with that person (Do not wish to name at this time) lets call them Mr.H

Mr H called back this morning!! Better Mr. H offered help with my questions on the property!!

This comes as a kinda surprise due to the Research I have done, research that tells me (I may be wrong here) that the folks on the IH Case Board no longer have ties to Racine WI. Most have ties to Europe some ties to the East Cost but again I could have missed something. So that is why I was shocked by the phone call and the offer of help!

Very thankful for the call and offer.

This early Evening I expect to receive the paperwork needed to put the Chateau on the Registry  of Historic Homes.

A quick Thank You to my fellow members of the FB Group 50’s 60’s in Racine with a Member posting a photo of the Chateau on the groups page helping to start a fun topic!